Big Bang Empire: Successful start of the open beta!




On July 22nd, 2014, we successfully started the open beta of our new free-2-play browser game Big Bang Empire! The  witty designed setting in the erotic business already fascinates thousands of players since the open beta started. In a world full of glitter, plush and porn stars, the players start their career in the erotic business and rise up from being an innocent wallflower to being a celebrated movie star.


In hot tackles, the players compete against their rivals, collect fans by producing their very own little dirty movies or join studios to climb the top of the charts together with other movie stars.


Amongst other things, we are currently working on a mobile version for Big Bang Empire – an outfit-viewer, where players can view various item sets, is already available for mobile devices. We also started to translate the game into English, French, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.


Play now!