Hero Zero: The Hero Hideout Feature




New Year – Huge Feature – Brand New Mobile-Look! For the heroes of the free2play Browser game Hero Zero, 2017 could not have started any better! Over the past few months, the developer team of Playata has worked almost 24/7 to make the largest update in the six year history of this highly successful title possible. Hero Zero’s truest heroes can experience an exten-sive new feature, which is an integral part of the game from now on: The Hero Hideout! In addition, Hero Zero now captivates with revamped graphics, as well as a relaunch of the mobile version.

The Hideout Feature
Players who have reached level 8 get access to a secret base which is found under their heroes’ houses in Humphreydale. At the beginning, the base consists of an empty construction site that can be ex-panded step by step to a full-scale Hero Hideout. To make this possible, players first have to build a hideout base. The hideout base acts as a cornerstone for further rooms and as an improved substitute for the previous work feature. The hideout base is constantly collecting coins, which can be retrieved by users. For future alterations to the individual Hero Hideout layout, rooms can be stored and re-placed in varying locations within the base. It is also possible to improve the efficiency of the hard-working robots over a particular space or to organize a second work robot in order to speed up pro-duction. Only one construction action can be performed at a time.

Collect resources and compete with other players
Different rooms produce different resources, such as Super Glue or Zeronite, which must be collected in addition to coins and experience points. For construction actions, resources are needed, which are gathered in the respective rooms, such as the Zeronite Mine and the Super Glue Manufacturer. Players gradually expand the size of their Hideout and open new construction sites to build space for more rooms. Heroes, who build their underground base accordingly and produce combat units in the desig-nated combat center can attack other heroes’ Hideouts and steal a portion of their resources!

Relaunch of the mobile version
From now on, heroes can also look forward to even more fun on the go! The mobile version of Hero Zero has been completely reworked and dazzles with a renewed setting, improved controls and a much more polished look.


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